Profile: Anthony “Skeebo” Roberts

Anthony as Stephano in SiP's 2009 "The Tempest" (courtesy of

How long have you been involved in Theatre?
For 23 years.
What inspired you to become involved?
I started out as a child in prep school under the hand of Thelma Gibson and really enjoyed it from that time. I have always liked performing & entertaining.

In what capacity (ies) do you participate in Theatre?
Actor, writer, director.

Can you list the productions that you have participated in over the years?
Will have to send you a bio (can’t remember right off). LOL

What are some of your most memorable moments in Theatre?
I have no bad memories, though sometimes things do not go as planned…they are all good memories. I always have fun on stage. There are really two good memories I can recall right now – I was MC for the Ministry of Tourism’s show in New York back called Celebration at The Apollo Theatre. It was my most euphoric moment on the stage & it had to do with the fact that at that moment I had the realization that I was in The Apollo Theatre where the immortals of actors/performers once performed.

How do you feel about Theatre in The Bahamas?
A couple of years ago, (perhaps two), I actually thought that theatre had a momentum but unfortunately it seems as if that came to an end. We are just beginning to get a new ‘drive’ I feel.
What are its weak and strong points?
Our strong point is that we are endeavoring to do Bahamian works and address those types of issues. Comedy seems to be the main draw & this is good.
How active is it?
The activeness would depend on good theatre (the physical).
How can we make it better?
By what we are attempting to do (S.I.P.) and other groups who can establish and recognize their niche’ doing the same thing.

What do you do to prepare for a part?
Try to find the essence of the character and the objective of what the character is trying to or could accomplish.

Any advice for those who want to get involved in Theatre in any capacity?

Who were your mentors in Theatre?
Philip Burrows, Keith Wisdom (locally) and Humphrey Bogart, Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier and within the more recent years Quentin Tarantino (internationally).

How do you see your future in Bahamian Theatre?
Directing and getting more people to appreciate & become involved in writing/performing, etc.

What is your favorite Bahamian play?
The LandLord.

In your years as an actor, have you seen the government support the arts in a tangible way?

What role, if any, should the government play in not just theatre but the arts as a whole?
I feel that the government should seek to be one of the leading patrons not only in terms of finance (providing suitable performance sites) but should seek to encourage more corporate world involvement.