Profile: Claudette “Cookie” Allens


Allens in SiP's "God's Trombones" 2010 (Courtesy of

How long have you been involved in Theatre?
From 1970 – 41 years.

What inspired you to become involved?
A workmate – the university players was having a membership drive.

In what capacity (ies) do you participate in Theatre?
Actor, front of house, costumes, and any other area requested.

Can you list the productions that you have participated in over the years?
The list is very long, here goes;

The Chance,

God‘s Trombones,


You Can Lead A Horse To Water,

Woman Take Two,

Agnes of God,

Mama They Raising the New Flag Now,


Fathers Day,

Amen Corner,

A Raisin in the Sun,

Ceremonies In Dark,

Old Men,

I, Nehemiah, Remember When….

What are some of your most memorable moments in Theatre? Good and bad. How do you feel about Theatre in The Bahamas?
The Bahamian theatre has been at my soul for more than 40 years.  I have been there when it was at its peak, saw it fall and I’m here now as it takes an upward turn.

What are its weak and strong points?
I feel that it’s weak points is that there is no training ground for young theatre artists.  No major programs at the Dundas or other institutions.  And the strong point is that the productions are of a high standard and there are persons still interested in viewing and participation.

How active is it?
Not as active as it has been in previous years when there were groups performing throughout the year on a very regular basis.

How can we make it better?
We have to continue the role that we are playing at the moment. This will encourage continued support. With programs like SIP I can see us providing a training ground for young people through the support and influence of the persons we attract here during our one week festival.

What do you do to prepare for a part?
First I study the character, make the choices that are not obvious together with those that are obvious in the script, consume myself with the choices and living the person.

Any advice for those who want to get involved in Theatre in any capacity?
Participation in the theatre is a total commitment.  If you are not prepared for that type of commitment, your best bet is to be an audience member.

Who were your mentors in Theatre?
Pandora Gibson Gomez and  Cicely Tyson.

What is your favorite Bahamian play?
You can Lead a Horse to Water.

In your years as an actor, have you seen the government support the arts in a tangible way?
…. Carifesta, the Arts Festival…..